5th Grade Physical Education

Physical Education 5 offers a comprehensive physical education course where students are taught the basics for healthy and active living. Students begin by learning about the 36 hours of organized, supervised physical activity required for the course and how to document their activity in a PE Log. Next, students begin to engage with the content, which includes topics about safety and journaling in addition to new, fun, and challenging activities and exercise techniques. Before attempting each activity, students receive instruction on the basic elements and the proper execution of each movement so that they can get the most benefits from the exercise. Regardless of the activity the student is asked to do within a given day, they are encouraged to get up and move for a certain amount of time within each lesson. This expectation helps them to create a routine-like schedule. Students can be active by performing different exercises, engaging in different activities, or by using items from their grade-appropriate physical education kits, which are available to purchase. This kit, which is designed to work in conjunction with the course content, contains age-appropriate exercise and activity items. Adaptive physical education activities are available for this course.

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