Minecraft Mod Creation – Dragon Rider

Saddle up for the ride of your life with Mod Creation – Dragon Rider. This exciting camp teaches students how to create a rideable EnderDragon mod that students can play with friends and family. One of our most requested mods ever\\, Mod Creation -Dragon Rider will teach students how to code in Java using the Eclipse IDE\\, a professional tool used by engineers at software companies like Amazon\\, Google\\, and Facebook. Students will learn important coding concepts such as conditionals\\, loops\\, inheritance\\, methods\\, arrays\\, and more.

Ages: 10+

Level: Intermediate (Prior coding experience recommended)

Please note: An active PC or Mac Minecraft account and password are required for this camp. If you do not have one\\, the game can be purchased at http://www.minecraft.net.

Minecraft accounts for Xbox and mobile devices do not work on computers.

No periods were set for this course