Pre-Calculus B

Precalculus explores a wide variety of mathematical concepts with the goal of preparing students for calculus or other college-level math courses. A review of number properties, factoring, the quadratic formula, and the Cartesian coordinate system will prepare students for advanced math concepts. Students will use graphing calculators to plot graphs and solve equations. Students will learn to solve a variety of problems including parent functions, transformations, even and odd functions, domain and range, operations, linear functions, regression, correlation, quadratic functions, polynomials, asymptotes, and exponential, logistic, and logarithmic functions. Trigonometric studies include angle measurement, arc length, functions, reciprocal and quotient identities, Pythagorean identities, sines, and cosines. Sequences and series precede inquiries into the characteristics and applications of conic sections and vectors. The course concludes with an investigation into parametric equations and polar equations.

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