Study Abroad

Placing graduates into the selective colleges and universities of their choice

Helping students find the best programs, and assisting with all stages of their university preparations.

LEVEL UP YOUR EDUCATION by Studying Abroad! Our School Consultants will help you find the best undergraduate and graduate program and assist you with your application. We have partnerships with the top: Elementary, High School, Colleges and Universities in Canada, the USA, the UK and Australia.
Applying to a school (college or university) is stressful in any context, but can be especially complicated when applying to a school in a foreign country whose standards and customs you might not be familiar with. Each school has their own admission requirements and select which students to accept.

School Consultants makes the application process a more relaxed, comfortable, and exciting process. We provide support as required throughout the entire application process.
With an array of academic choices and destinations, universities, colleges and courses offered worldwide, making the right decision can be difficult.

School Consultants has large network of reputed universities and colleges worldwide. We represent schools in Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia. Our relationship with universities boosts the chances of our students’ admissions into the universities because we know what the institutions need for a good and complete application. Institutions are pleased to work with Study in Canada as they are assured that the application and documents are all prepared correctly.

The process seems simple but there are several queries and formalities that need to be adhered to.

We provide step by step guidance for the complete study abroad university application process that includes the following key stages thus maximizing your chances of getting admission in the institution of your choice.