College Prep

Clear Pathways for College Admissions

Level Up’s College Prep Helps Students Succeed

Level Up offers a private, accredited online high school that offers a comprehensive array of core academic courses as well as electives required to graduate and gain admission to premier colleges and universities. Our high school curriculum includes course options designed to challenge students’ critical thinking skills and prepare them for the difficulty of collegiate academics. We promote an environment conducive to collaboration. Students foster relationships with our teachers, their peers, and college counselors to help prepare them for the next step in their academic journey.

College Graduates Have Higher Long-Term Earning Potential

A 2017 study by the U.S. Department of Labor revealed that the median earnings for an individual with a bachelor’s degree are almost 65% higher than the median earnings of someone with merely a high school diploma. Coincidentally, employers are increasingly making a college degree a prerequisite for their open positions. In 2020, 65% of the workforce will have college experience, and 35% will have attained at least a bachelor’s degree, according to an analysis by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce. For that reason, earning admission to a college or university is vital to your long-term career outlook. Level Up Learning Center prepares students for the college experience by encouraging the development of critical thinking and exceptional reading and writing skills while also exploring academic passions.

Level Up Offers a College Counseling Program

In addition to academic counseling, our college counselors help students to navigate the college admissions process and prepare for each step of the progression, including college entrance exams, building a balanced college list, completing admissions applications, and choosing the right college. Our college counselors also craft letters of recommendation in support of each student and share resources to help students obtain scholarships and financial aid. Furthermore, each counselor is well-equipped to guide students with a wide range of goals, from those hoping to pursue college athletics to those who intend to apply to public universities and everyone in between.

Level Up’s Curriculum Prepares Students for College

Courses are designed to promote interactivity between online and offline assignments. This dynamic approach teaches students time management and discipline principles that will be pivotal in a college learning atmosphere. Our online upper school classes are suitable for varying learning styles among college-bound students who wish to hone their ability to apply ideas creatively. Our elective courses serve as a foundation for students to establish unique, well-rounded educational experiences as they explore subjects including forensic science and international business. Additionally, we offer an assortment of Advanced Placement (AP) classes, meaning graduates have the opportunity to earn college credit before they begin their college careers. Furthermore, Level Up offers University of California a-g courses. Students who plan to attend a UC institution will receive guidance from our Counseling Department to ensure they are set up to meet the UC a-g admissions requirements.

Level Up Will Assist with SAT and ACT Prep

A student’s performance on college entrance exams such as the SAT or ACT is an essential factor for college admission. Many colleges and universities require a score from one of these tests as part of the application process. The standardized tests are designed to assess one’s scholastic aptitude and college readiness. Our staff at Level Up is well-equipped to prepare students for the rigor of these assessments. We will provide guidance and information to help each student understand what to expect and how to approach the SAT or ACT.

We provide thorough SAT and ACT test prep classes for individuals and groups.

Level Up Counseling Department Provides College Admissions Guidance

Choosing which college to attend is one of the most consequential decisions that a high school student will make. He or she must consider a multitude of factors because the choice will significantly impact the academic experience and ultimately, the career opportunities available upon graduation. Level Up’ Counseling Department assists students as they weigh the considerations that go into such a monumental decision. Among the items to contemplate when building a college list are academic major areas of study, geographical location, school size, career and academic support services provided, and the cost of tuition. By using a student’s preference of these elements as the basis for a college search, our counselors will help students narrow the list of potential colleges to a manageable number on which to focus.

Helping Students Organize College Applications

Applying to college is a multi-step process that requires attention to detail and keen organizational skills. During the process, our counselors at Level Up are students’ allies to ensure that everything remains in order. We will help keep track of deadlines and specific requirements for college applications while helping students deliver transcripts, school reports, and letters of recommendation to prospective schools. After students submit their applications, Level Up’ counselors will further assist by providing information about how to follow up with the schools to which students have applied.

Level Up Students Are Prepared for Postsecondary Success

We equip our students with the skills necessary for a successful transition to the next step in their academic and professional journey. We are aware of the types of skills and experiences universities covet in applicants and have tailored our curriculum and college planning strategies to meet these expectations. Level Up’ diverse student body results in different admissions statistics for each graduating class. Our students are comprised of those who may be college bound, living domestically and internationally, who may be accelerated learners, student athletes, performers, and pre-professionals. Each year, rising graduates are accepted to over 300 different colleges and universities around the world, including small and large private and public colleges and universities, top tier universities, research institutions, liberal arts colleges, and visual and performing arts colleges and conservatories. Additionally, many of our rising graduates choose to attend two-year colleges and vocational schools, take a gap year, or enter directly into a professional field or military service. We subscribe to the model that there is a best next step for each of our students and part of our partnership with our students and their families is helping them to identify and attain the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to follow the selected paths.